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Arthritis Drug Treats Vitiligo

Vitiligo, a condition characterized by lose of skin pigmentation in blotches is believed to have no remedy just like AIDS..…But wait, tofacitinib has changed this narrative.

Although this condition is neither life-threatening nor painful, it often causes distress to those suffering from it. It has neither treatment nor cure. A recent case study has revealed that this drug used as a medication for arthritis (rheumatoid) is capable of restoring the skin color to patients suffering from this autoimmune disorder. At the Yale School of Medicine, tofacitinib restored the skin color in a female patient aged fifty three years old who had been suffering from this skin condition, according to the medical reports by dermatologists- Drs. Brett King and Brittany Craiglow
In pharmacology, it is normal and common occurrence that medication proven worthwhile in treating one ailment can as well be used in another totally unrelated condition due to the pharmaceutical ways in which it fundamentally affects the patient.