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Natural on Food Labels

FDA requests public comments and information on the use of the term “natural” on food labelling

The Food and Drug Administration is asking for public comments and information on the use of the terms ‘natural’. The manufacturers have been commonly labelling the human food products with the labels ‘natural’ , all ‘natural’, contains all natural ingredients’, made from natural ingredients’, etc. but there has not been any specific definition as to what these terms mean and whether the imposition of these labels signifies the food to be good for the health.

With the radical change in the food ingredients and production, and petitions from the citizens to clearly define the clear standards on the usage of the term natural’ on human food, FDA has come forward to welcome public opinion as to whether the term actually need to be defined and if yes, how? The agency also wants opinions on how to determine the correct use of this natural’ term on food labels.

Although, FDA has never been engaged in establishing a formal definition for the term natural’, but it has always considered natural’ as without any artificial or synthetic additions to the food. It also did never consider any nutritional or other health benefits associated with the term.

The FDA is accepting public comments from November 12, 2015 and is open for 90 days Comment period. The comments can be submitted electronically on their Website or through mail.